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About Us

At Psych Care, each person we serve is treated with compassion and respect.

Reaching out for help can be the most important yet difficult step in the process of healing. From our initial contact our goal is to help you feel welcomed, understood, and supported.

Psych Care is a psychiatric and psychological practice serving North Central Florida. We offer research based and highly effective treatment and evaluation, with great attention to confidentiality and responsive scheduling. Our team of experienced mental health professionals includes psychiatrists, psychologists, board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioners, and licensed therapists. Our providers stay informed and up to date on the latest developments in psychiatric care and are well informed of cutting-edge treatment modalities in the field of psychiatry. Some services are available via “tele-mental health,” using a secure, HIPAA compliant video platform.

We provide comprehensive treatment options, blended with empathy and concern for our client’s well-being:

  • Discreet access to topnotch practitioners and evaluators

  • Highly effective, evidence-based psychological and psychiatric treatments

  • A comprehensive suite of neuropsychological, psychoeducational, and psychological assessments

  • Collaborative relationship between you and your practitioner

  • Team-oriented, coordinated care

  • Highly protected confidentiality

  • Our focus - meeting your goals

  • Promotion of growth, resilience, and joyful living

  • Confidential and professional administrative coordination of care

Psych Care provides specialized psychiatry and psychotherapy/counseling services that recognizes your therapeutic concerns and the complex nature of your mental health needs. We believe in each individuals potential for personal growth, and we strive to provide the best treatment possible through individualized, evidence-based care. Whether you are looking for basic symptom relief or more fundamental psychological or lifestyle change, we can help you reach your goals.

The foundation of a successful therapeutic experience is the treatment relationship. We are happy to begin by answering your questions confidentially via phone or telehealth to determine if Psych Care is a good fit for your needs. If so, we will continue to build on that relationship to help you on your journey towards healing and sustainable peace-of-mind.

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